It’s the milk that matters!

We drink 53 litres of it a year on average and it is supposed to boost strength and improve health: milk. It was my job to demonstrate what is fact and what is fiction in the ProSieben Galileo TV program called „Milk, a Pick-me-up“. The result of the scan was: Milk doesn’t wake up weary men. For this it takes a little more! 

One for the road …?

Not every test person has to suffer. I didn’t because I was allowed to drive a nice mid-range car through a slalom after drinking the one or the other beer. And that for the TV station ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen)! The reason for this self-experiment was the TV program „How good is our beer?“ with TV chef Nelson Müller. Our result after the breath test: Drivers keep away from beer, hard liquor and wine!

The part with me starts at minute 32. Have fun!

Stories written by life!

Shit happens …. also to me in the video clip „Tell me why“ of The Officer and Incarma. My advances to a beautiful woman were totally without success and finally I was rejected at the entrance of the club.
Why? I’m still waiting for the answer!

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