• Model Alexander Schmidt Slider Brands © Porsche AG


A successful brand holds a high recognition value, enjoys public confidence and gains customer loyalty by addressing them emotionally.
A shooting for a video clip or for photos for a well-known brand is something special for me. In the end, the shots or clips may be key factors determining whether the campaign will achieve its required impact or whether a product can be successfully launched.

Only the best from Porsche!

Porsche Tequipment celebrates its jubilee: 20 years of highest quality. And I took part in it with a photo-shooting North or Berlin. The location was situated at an awesome lake, the weather was sunny and warm. Then there was the Porsche Cayenne and other high-quality products from Porsche … it was a top-class job for me!

Model Alexander Schmidt Brands Porsche 3 500x300px © Porsche AG

Shooting with JB by order of JBL

No fear, I don’t want to switch to short message style neither start a quiz game. It’s about a shooting with the reigning world champion Jerome Boateng. Actually I got in close contact with the star of the famous soccer club FC Bayern. But center of intention was the new Bluetooth loudspeaker of JBL, absolutely “cutting-edge”! What shall I say: JB and JBL don’t only have their initials in common. Great guy, cool product, I love my job!

Lidl spot: ‘’Who knows how to juggle?‘’

It was about Ernesto, the unbreakable party crockery from Lidl. How could that be better demonstrated than with a juggling act and a little laps on the part of the juggler? I gladly took on the job. Nothing was broken, the atmosphere great and the people super. The result: The shooting was top and since then you will find Ernesto by me at home!

A night with an Audi Q7

Ok, you may me see only as a remarkable silhouette. But I don‘ t want to hold back the video clip “Audi Q7 – The Magic Box” made for the Detroit Motor Show 2015. It was a night shooting at the end of November, with elaborate camera work and image processing.
Totally cool!

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